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2020 Enamel Pins Scholarship

EnamelPins in Walnut, CA is proud to announce our support of art and design with our 2020 Enamel Pins Scholarship. We will be holding a design contest, open to undergraduate students enrolled at accredited colleges and universities in the United State.

To enter, the applicant must complete an online application form and upload designs for both a 1” lapel pin and a 3” patch, featuring this semester’s theme "Climate Change".

Climate Change

One of hot-button issues that affect the future of our civilization is Climate Change brought about by deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and poor infrastructure in developing nations worldwide. Texas, California, and several other states have reached milestones in 2019; generating more power from “alternative” energy sources such as wind, solar and nuclear, than they generated with carbons such as coal fired power plants.

You can base your submissions on the dangers of climate change/glacier loss/global warming/deforestation, etc... or you can promote clean energy; wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, hydro.

Recycling, awareness, and alternatives to petrol in transportation (electric, biodiesel, and fuel cell solutions) are good subjects, as well as Earth awareness, arboriculture and its relationship to carbons.

Enamel Pins

Enamelpins is a subsidiary of GS-JJ, focusing on customization of badge products. GS-JJ has a broader business area and specializes in designing and manufacturing customized advertising products, such as pins, patches, ropes, banners, stickers, etc. This year's winners will show their designs on our website We will make some samples for the winners and show their designs on lapel pins and patches.

Pin and Patch Design Tips

Both pins (enameling) and patches (embroidery) should be designed without gradients, shadows, or photographs. You can see images of pins, and find more information about their design and manufacture (including videos) on our website at

Pins are plated in a choice of metal color (gold, silver, black, etc...). Please note that all fine lines and small details should be in the base metal color of the pin. Each color should be completely bordered by a thin stroke of the pin’s metal color (.50) line width works great for 1” pins.

To Enter

Only Digital Designs will be Accepted. Please fill out our online application form at Upload a vector file for a 1” pin and 3” patch to our FTP server. Include your first and last name and the year in the name of the design’s file such as Henry_Davis_2019_pin.Ai. In the subject line of your e-mail please include your first and last name.


The winning design will be chosen by a trio of professional product designers from our company. The winner will be notified by electronic and regular mail. A congratulatory letter and the scholarship amount of $1500 will be send directly to the school of the winner. Please ensure all of your contact information and school information are correct on your application.

Thank you, good luck, and happy designing!

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