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custom acrylic animal pins

Acrylic Pins

Acrylic pins are affordable and lightweight custom pins. Custom acrylic pins use DPI UV printing with any colors.

They are durable and waterproof. On their surface, they will be covered with a protective film to protect your pins in case of scratching.  

Compared with custom metal pins, they haven’t set up fees because they don’t need molds. So they can be cut into many shapes.

Many new designers start to make acrylic lapel pins online because it is a new way of artistic expression. As a promotional gift, you can pin it on clothes, backpacks, hats, pen bags, or else.

How to Make Acrylic Pins

Making your own acrylic pins online is so easy and simple. When you design your custom acrylic pins, please note that you should leave a 1mm bleeding border to protect your pin design.

We offer transparent and translucent acrylic pins for you. Personalized acrylic pins like glow-in-the-dark or ribbon pins are available. The production lead time will be within 48 hours. In addition, custom printed pins are also welcome to make.

Step 1

Choose the template on the website or send your pin artwork to us through or contact us at 1-888-864-4755.

Step 2

Submit the order. Please let us know the details of quantities, colors, sizes, packages, or other customized requirements.

Step 3

Approve the proof. Once the design or artwork is finalized, we will send the proof for confirmation. Only when the proof is confirmed, the mass production will proceed.

Step 4

Receive your custom acrylic pins. Your custom pins will be delivered via FedEx after 100% inspection. You can keep an eye on your parcel with the tracking number.

Attachments About Acrylic Pins

Rubber Clutches

rubber clutches

Safety Pins

safety pins

Pin and Clip

Pin and Clip



What are the Advantages of Acrylic Pins?

  • No Mold Required

  • The acrylic pins do not need to open a customized mold for mass production, and they are less expensive than other custom pins.


  • Lower Price With no MOQ Required

  • Custom Acrylic pins can be produced for both sample orders and mass production without opening a mold. Therefore, there’s no additional setup fee.


  • Sophisticated Shapes and Designs

  • The designs of custom acrylic pins can consist of multiple cutouts and colors without the use of a die or mold. Meanwhile, please leave an extra enough area on the back for the attachment.


  • Shorter Lead Time

  • By applying the DPI UV printing method, the lead time for mass production will be much shorter. Once the design is confirmed, the production time is as little as 2 hours for 1000pcs.


  • Transparent or Translucent effect

  • Different from other metal pins, the custom acrylic pins have a transparent or translucent appearance with a glossy surface. Lightweight is another reason that makes these pins more and more popular.

Custom Acrylic Pins We Made

personalized bear acrylic pins
customized acrylic pins
custom ribbon acrylic pins
personalized acrylic pins
christmas dog acrylic pins
custom plastic pins
custom acrylic bottle pins
custom pins

Questions About Acrylic Pins

Q: Can I make any shapes and sizes of acrylic pins?

Yes, you can. We accept kinds of customized shapes and sizes for mass production. Please note for the designs, there should be a 1mm diameter border around the edge of the acrylic pins to protect the printed area from cutting and make the pins more attractive.

Q: Is there any MOQ requirement for custom acrylic pins?

No, there is no MOQ requirement. We welcome the sample orders as well based on case-to-case situations. For every order, we can also provide free design if need. Please send an email to, and our team will let you know the details.

Q: How long does the mass production of custom acrylic pins take?

Once the proof is approved, the lead time of custom acrylic pins will be around 48 hours, but it’s finally up to the quantities and customized requirements. The production lines of our factories are always operating smoothly, which has been making the pins delivered on time.


No Minimum QTY

No Minimum QTY

1pc and a small quantity of custom pins for small businesses.

Up to 40% Discounts

Up to 30% Discounts

Free shipping and up to 30% discounts for your pins.

Free Artwork

Free Artwork

Free pin design and artwork by our excellent designers.

Easy Creation

Easy Creation

User-friendly automated quotation systems online.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Fast and free delivery by air for all your custom pins.

One-stop Service

One-stop Service

Save much time and money when you order custom pins.

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Start to Make My Custom Acrylic Pins Bulk Online?


#1: Click the button to get a custom pin quote but you need to make some choices. #2: Or design your pins online to make an order but you need to design your acrylic pins. #3: Email at


After we received your custom pin order, our excellent designers will review your design to make it perfect. And we will send an email for you to confirm your pin design. Any design suggestions we will revise it again and again.


After you confirm your artwork, we will notify our professional factory to produce it as soon as possible. Each step will be seriously checked. When all pins are finished, we will arrange the air shipping.