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gallery of custom wood pins

Wooden Pins

Wooden pins are also called laser-engraved custom pins.

They are a great choice that orders custom wooden pins on Pins.US, a professional custom wooden pins manufacturer that specializes in producing eye-catching promotional gifts.

Your logos, trademarks, or designs will be perfectly printed onto our high-level wooden pins with any shape and size according to your request.

As a responsible maker of custom wooden pins, Pins.US devotes itself to providing you with the most favorable factory direct sales at low prices, trying our best to save you more costs.

Types of Wooden Pins

There are 3 types of wooden material on PINS.US - maple, cherry and walnut. Colorful wooden pin badges will be available if you needed. And they will use water transfer or silkscreen printing to realize it. All wooden pins are made of natural timber. Any sizes and shapes of wooden pins can be made. Each wooden lapel pin will be polybagged and matched with an attachment like safety pins, rubber clutches, magnets, or else. So you can pin it anywhere.


maple wood for custom pins


cherry wood for custom pins


walnut wood for custom pins

Wood Pins Attachments

PINS.US offers some attachments of custom wooden pins. All of them will make your wood pins stand out and unique.

Rubber Cap

Rubber Cap

Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly Clutch



Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Magnetic Back

Magnetic Back

Poly Bag

Poly Bag

Velour Pouch

Velour Pouch

Plastic Box

Plastic Box

Velour Box

Velour Box

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Custom Wooden Pins We Made

travel wood pins
wooden luggage tag
gesture wood pins
avocado wood pins
cartoon characters wood pins
pig travel medal wood pins
medal wood pins
name wood lapel pins

Questions About Wood Pins

Q: How do I make my own wooden pins on Pins.US?

It is convenient to make your own custom wooden pins on our website: STEP1- Start Your Pin Idea; STEP2- Submit Your Pin Order; STEP3- Approve Your Pin Design; STEP4- Receive Your Custom Pins.

Q: What is the point of wooden pins?

Wooden pins are exquisite, portable small pins worn on a hat, bag, and clothing, often on the lapel. Wooden pins can be decorative or indicate the relationship between the wearer and an organization or cause.

Q: Why do people love Wooden pins?

This is because wooden pins are high quality and durable. A wooden pin can accommodate almost any design. As a result, we have customers using them as promotional gifts for business and souvenirs for exhibitions, churches, and museums.


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1pc and a small quantity of custom pins for small businesses.

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Free shipping and up to 30% discounts for your pins.

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Free pin design and artwork by our excellent designers.

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Easy Creation

User-friendly automated quotation systems online.

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Fast and free delivery by air for all your custom pins.

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Save much time and money when you order custom pins.

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Begin to Make My Custom Wood Pins Bulk Online?


#1: Click the button to get a custom pin quote but you need to make some choices. #2: Or design your pins online to make an order but you need to design your wood pins. #3: Email at


After we received your custom pin order, our excellent designers will review your design to make it perfect. And we will send an email for you to confirm your pin design. Any design suggestions we will revise it again and again.


After you confirm your artwork, we will notify our professional factory to produce it as soon as possible. Each step will be seriously checked. When all pins are finished, we will arrange the air shipping.