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cute custom button pins

Button Pins

Button pins are usually round, square, and shaped buttons, which attach a hard metal or plastic backing, and a pin or latch mechanism for fixing it on the clothes or surface of other items.

The front image is protected under a thin plastic layer to keep it waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Button pins are usually used for temporary logos and exterior decorations, or customized to commemorate special dates or events, and can also help companies in all walks of life increase their visibility, etc.

Whether your custom button pins are used for decoration, events for organization, school group activities, academic activities, or some other imaginable possibilities, will give you the best planning and service.

8 Type of Button Pins

Custom Metallic

Metallic Pins

Silver Paper Button

Silver Paper Button Pins

Matte Buttons

Matte Buttons Pins

Cosmic Buttons

Cosmic Buttons Pins

Sparkle Button

Sparkle Button Pins

Gold Paper Button

Gold Paper Button Pins

Kraft Paper Button Pins

Kraft Paper Button Pins

Glow in the Dark Button Pins

Glow in the Dark Button Pins



button pins backing-1


button pins backing-2


button pins backing-3


button pins backing-4

Metal Pins VS Button Pins


Metal Pins

Custom metal pins are mainly based on metal material, and they can be created in many different types through different processes. While enamel pins, 3D pins, cutout pins, antique pins, and sandblast pins are almost the most popular types on the market. In addition, custom metal pins are widely used on many occasions, whether formal or informal. What's more, custom metal pins are considered to be stronger and more textured, so they are also the first choice for military badges. Therefore, you can order them for your event without any hesitation.

● Smooth & Bright Finish

● Bright And Vivid Colors

● Most Durable

● Various Plating Options

Best Uses: The custom enamel pins can be used for trade fairs, conventions, company branding, and employee recognition.

3pcs button pins

Button Pins

Custom buttons pins have a variety of names, such as pin buttons, pin buttons, and button badges, but in any case, they all express the same meaning. The button pins are made from the pictures on printing paper, covered with plastic film, and then buttons of different shapes are fixed with metal backing or plastic backing. The latch mechanism is built into the backing, which will be easy to wear. Button pins are more used on more temporary occasions. The production process is simpler than metal pins, and the cost is relatively lower than metal pins.

● Flexible & High-Detail

● Various Plating Options

● Colorful & Durable

● More Inexpensive, Economy

Best Uses: The button pins can be used to identify and promote schools, teams, decorations and so on.

Custom Button Pins We Made


Questions About Button Pins

Q: Can you design and make for me if I have only an idea?

Sure, if you have a pin idea, you just need to send it to us. The designer of can complete the button pin artwork and send it to you within 24 hours. And what we provide is a vector diagram in AI format.

Q: Do you design button pins for free?

Yes, our company guarantees to provide free design, and no matter the size of your order. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the art proof, we can modify it unconditionally until you are satisfied.

Q: Can you return the goods for free?

Of course, if you find any quality problems with our products, you can contact our after-sales customer service to apply for return processing. About detailed return terms, please read the privacy and policy.


No Minimum QTY

No Minimum QTY

1pc and a small quantity of custom pins for small businesses.

Up to 40% Discounts

Up to 30% Discounts

Free shipping and up to 30% discounts for your pins.

Free Artwork

Free Artwork

Free pin design and artwork by our excellent designers.

Easy Creation

Easy Creation

User-friendly automated quotation systems online.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Fast and free delivery by air for all your custom pins.

One-stop Service

One-stop Service

Save much time and money when you order custom pins.

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Start to Make My Custom Button Pins Bulk Online?


#1: Click the button to get a button pin quote but you need to make some choices. #2: Or design your pins online to make an order but you need to design your button pins. #3: Email at


After we received your button pin order, our excellent designers will review your design to make it perfect. And we will send an email for you to confirm your pin design. Any design suggestions we will revise it again and again.


After you confirm your artwork, we will notify our professional factory to produce it as soon as possible. Each step will be seriously checked. When all pins are finished, we will arrange the air shipping.